Sheila Owen

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COVID 19 Letter to Parents

Covid 19 Assignments Below
R controlled vowel ar
R controlled vowel er
R controlled vowel ir
R controlled vowel or
R controlled vowel ur
Phonemic Awareness Lesson #4
Phonemic Awareness Lesson #5
Open Syllable-long vowel O
OA and the long vowel o sound
OE and the long vowel o sound

Lessons for COVID 19 Week 6 - 4/20 to 4/24

Lesson Plans Week 3 - 3/30 to 4/3, 2020

Math - Ordinal Numbers
Math - Whole Numbers
Instructions for Google Classroom

If you have gmail, find the 9 dots in the shape of a square, at the top right hand corner and click (see pic attached).

Scroll down until you see google classroom, then click on the icon.

Then at the top of the page, you will see a plus symbol click on the symbol. You should see two options: 1. join a class or 2. create a class, you need to click join a class. Then the screen will ask for a class code, and you will enter the code. o64h7rg 

Once you have joined my class, read the message and let me know you are in. If you don't have gmail, you will need to create an account, and then follow the rest of the steps to join my class. If you have any problems, please let me know and I will contact you and walk you through the process.

Google Classroom
Mrs. Owen
Letters That Make The Long I Sound
ie Makes Two Sounds
Trigraph igh makes the long i sound
Y makes long I sound
Y consonant silent e makes the long i sound
Phonemic Awareness Lesson #2
Phonemic Awareness Lesson #3
The Letters That Make Long Vowel A
Long Vowel A/ letters eigh
Long Vowel A sound/ Words with AY
Long Vowel A sounds/ Words with AI
Long Vowel A sounds/ two syllable words
Long Vowel A sounds/ Review over words and letters
I have been a teacher since September 2015, I became certified to teach EC-6th in August 2018. I've taught First grade, and this year prekindergarten and kindergarten. I love teaching and learning new skills. When I am at home, I love to garden and work with my cows. I love the growth and warmer weather of Spring. I love to knit, crochet, and read when time allows.